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  • Can I order online for pickup?
    Absolutely! Please browse through the items from our Order-Online page, add any item that you’d like to order. Once all items are in the "My Order" window, proceed to place order, update the quantity if you need to. Please fill out your name, phone number (so we can confirm with you about the order) and click “Place order”. You may pay by cash or credit card upon picking up your order. Thank You for your order! Please note that online-ordering is only available during business hours. Please check the front page for the date and time.
  • Are all your foods, drinks Vegan?"
    You can rest assured that all of our foods (no MSG added) and drinks are Vegan. There are no exceptions. There are no animal ingredients of any kind.
  • Do you have a Delivery service?
    Sorry, we do not offer Delivery at this time.
  • Do you offer Gluten-free dishes?
    Yes, some of our item has gluten-free option (gfo). When browsing through the menu, this option is noted under the item’s description.
  • Do you have catering service?
    Yes, we provide Catering for Pickup only. Please contact us for more details.

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330 Needham St., Modesto, CA 95354


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